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Our passion had let us to create some applications of our own.

All our applications are designed to deliver the experience for our clients. We are proud to support over 50 000 users worldwide.


Sports Operations - Risk Management - Collaboration.
We have created the most innovative and powerful way to manage, optimize and dispatch operations as well as tracking all the risks involved.

Provides easy integration of permission forms with electronic signatures for your organization. aivers and permission form solutions for Activity Centers, Sports Events, Schools (K-12), Ski Schools, Resorts and more!

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Pulse brings your mountain ops team together. Pulse combines the power of iRisk with the tools required to fully operate your business from selling passes online to managing day to day operations. Here are awesome features avaibale with Pulse

  • School / Coaching: Buy lessons, schedule availabilities etc.

  • Trail conditions and publishing updates online automatically

  • Equipement manaegment

  • Live Dispatch Center

  • Work inquiries, assignements, tracking and follow-ups

  • Incients & accidents management duing daily operations

  • Lifts managements

  • Human Ressources with traning and certifications renewal tracking

  • Staff calendar and schedules

  • And more!

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